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Lussommo Pearled Candle

Lussommo Pearled Candle

Our candles not only look incredibly stylish, but they also represent an evolution from traditional candles. They are safer, healthier, and maintain their pristine appearance over time. With the Pearled Candle, you can turn almost anything into a unique candle, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Let’s take a closer look behind the curtain of Lussommo.

How It Works.

Always a Candle Like New: Say Goodbye to Candles That Tunnel After One Use

FIll Pearled Candle, instructions

Fill it.

Fill a suitable a container with Lussommo Pearled Candle

Light Pearled Candle instructions

Light it.

Insert a wick 5mm above the pearls and light your unique candle.

Refresh Pearled Candle, instructions

Refresh it.

After use, take the wick with the soldified wax out, insert a new one, and your candle is new again.

How It Works.

Always a Candle Like New: Say Goodbye to Candles That Tunnel After One Use

Afbeelding 1

Fill It.

Fill a suitable container with Lussommo Pearled Candle.

Afbeelding 2

Light It.

Insert a wick 5mm above the pearls and light your unique candle.

Afbeelding 3

Refresh It.

After use, take the wick with the solidified wax out, insert a new one, and your candle is new again.

Top Quality, Thanks to Top Ingredients.

In the alchemy of our candle-making process, each pearl undergoes a meticulous production journey using only natural and vegan ingredients. As a result, they transform into clean-burning wax pearls that are free from toxins and emit significantly less smoke and soot than conventional candles. Our commitment to purity ensures a candle experience that is not only exquisite but also safe and clean for you and your environment.

Plant based en vegan pearled candle

For Every Occasion, Your Decoration.


Key Tips for Using Our Pearled Candle

Tip 1:

Use the product only for its intended purpose as described on the packaging.

Tip 2:

Ensure that the warm airflow does not come into contact with objects at the top and maintain sufficient distance from surrounding items around the wick.

Tip 3:

Each wick burns for approximately 12 hours. For shorter burn times, simply trim the wick. Position the wick 0.5 cm above the pearls and maintain a 5 cm clearance around the wick.

Tip 4:

Preferably use fire-safe containers such as ceramic, glass, stone, or metal. Alternatively, opt for a minimum width of 10 cm and height of 10 cm.

Floating Pearled Candle

Key Tips for Using Our Pearled Candle.

Floating Pearled Candle

Top Candle Queries

  1. Fill a Suitable Container: Pour pearls into a container with a minimum width and height of 10 cm. Ensure it remains cool while burning Pearled Candle.

  2. Insert the Wick: Position the wick 5mm above the pearls. For larger containers, embrace elegance with multiple wicks, ensuring a 5cm space between them.

  3. Illuminate & Enjoy: Light your crafted candle, share it on social media using #Lussommo, tag @lussommo, and your creation might be featured.

  4. Refresh Your Candle: After use, let the wax solidify, remove the wick, shake to level the pearls, insert a new wick, and your Pearled Candle is good as new.

For Pearled Candles, suitable containers range from glass jars and ceramic bowls to votive holders and decorative vessels. These options not only withstand heat but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. If you opt for non-fireproof materials, ensure a safe distance by choosing containers with a minimum width and height of 10 cm between the melting pool and the edge, preventing it from reaching the container's edge. Additionally, always ensure that the chosen container remains cool during use, especially if opting for non-fireproof materials. Feel free to experiment with different containers to complement your style and create the perfect ambiance.

They're FREE! With the purchase of our products, you'll receive 30 wicks in a 750-gram bag, 60 wicks in a 1.5 kg bag, and an impressive 150 wicks in the larger packaging. This quantity should more than meet your needs. We provide this abundance at no additional cost to ensure you never run out. However, in the rare event that you misplace them or need more, simply contact us, and we'll be happy to supply you with extra wicks for free, with shipping costs to the customer. We are committed to supplying you with the necessary materials for an optimal candle experience.

If you find yourself in need of an extra box of wicks, please don't hesitate to request them for free by contacting us at

A single wick burns for approximately 12 hours. Our bags come with generous quantities of wicks:

  • 30 wicks in a 750-gram bag
  • 60 wicks in a 1.5 kg bag
  • 150 wicks in the larger packaging

We want to ensure you're never left without a wick. You have the option to relight the same wick or to refresh your candle by replacing it with a new one, according to your preference. Additionally, you can easily trim the wicks for shorter burn times.

To preserve the condition of your pearled candle, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This helps protect the candle's unique pearled design and prolong its shelf life. 

The unique feature of the Pearled Candle is its ample volume. Here are the equivalent volumes for each size:

  • 750g is equivalent to 1250 ml
  • 1.5kg is equivalent to 2500 ml
  • 4kg is equivalent to 6000 ml

This makes it easy to determine what you can fill with our Pearled Candle, whether it's decorative vases, glass containers, or other creative applications.